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-- i think i prefer the Jaeger

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    A joke drabble would have been hilarious. Because Bucky TOTALLY would remove his arm to do this thing. He would have. Especially after Darcy showed him Toy Story.
    Tony was twisted uncomfortably to get to the part of the car, and when he stretched his hand out for the replacement he was… shy a few inches.
    Dum-E was getting some upgrades done. You and Butterfingers were helping Bucky with his arm, simple upkeep they were capable of doing. Steve was napping on the couch after a long mission, Tony didn’t want to wake him.
    He stretched farther and almost fell and smacked his head on something. Okay then. Not going to read it.
    "Bucky. Give me a hand," he called, wiggling his fingers pointedly towards the tool.
    A moment, then something clattered to the floor nearby. Frowning, Tony twisted his neck and…
    Are you kidding me?!
    Bucky laughed hard enough to wake up Steve, who looked between them, caught sight of the metal arm on the floor and raised his brows. “I don’t want to know,” he muttered, shifting to get comfortable and closing his eyes again. “You two, I fucking swear…”
    "I’m gonna kill Darcy if this becomes a thing," Tony warned.
    "Nah you won’t," Bucky chuckled, coming over and grabbing his arm off the ground. He set it on the backseat of the car, grabbed the replcement part Tony needed, and passed it to him. He sat down on the floor near Tony, picking his arm up and starting to reattach it. "You like her too much. Plus Nat and Clint and Phil would have to kill you, which means Steve and I would have to kill them. Which means the world would depend on the Fantastic Four."
    "Fucking Richards," Tony said instantly.
    "I still don’t get why…"
    "Trust me," Steve said from where he was still sitting with his eyes shut on the couch. His lips twitched. "You don’t wanna know."
    "Just don’t with the Toy Story jokes, Buzz Lightyear," he muttered. "Then we won’t have to be at fault for the world burning."
    Bucky chuckled, smiling slightly as he tested to make sure his arm was good, then reached out to steady Tony. Tony shot him a smile of thanks and finally got to use both hands to hold the part in place and secure it.
    Give me a hand, he was never saying that again, he was surrounded by a bunch of dorks…
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    Two times that Rhodey hands Tony something and nobody tries to analyze the meanings of or even remember, for that matter.


    biggestbaddestwolf also mentions: “you’ve got rhodey handing him an award and the reactor, both items of significance when it comes to tony symbolism and those movies.”

    Oh, yes, absolutely worth keeping an eye out on your umpteenth re-watch of the Iron Man movies to see both what things get handed to him and by whom.

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    Science Bros. I love them so much. I like to think when they drove off together at the end of the Avengers that they went off to the Stark R&D lab and started gleefully blowing stuff up.

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    it really irks the scientist in me that people think tony falling from space was because the reactor ran out of power.

    for fucks sake do none of you know how a nuclear warhead works.

    electromagnetic pulse, people.

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    That one time Tony stopped Hydra from getting the Iron Man suit


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    OK, normally I don’t put anything here because less people reblog and such, and feel free to delete this, but every time I watch this part I think the same thing so allow to expound upon it, please.

    Look at this guy. Tony “Mr. just-not-the-hero-type” Stark. NOPE. Tony, you lying son of a bitch. This freak with the arc reactor powered whips, he just used them to fucking cut through cars. Cars. Tony Stark is not a car. He doesn’t even have his armor at this point in time. He’s just a man, and a dying man at that. He is not healthy, and so not up to par. And yet. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t hide. He doesn’t even try to go get the armor. That guy is hurting people and so Tony tries to stop him. With a car door. And he is unsuccessful. But he tries.

    And sorry Captain Rogers, but every time I watch The Avengers, the part where Steve tells Tony to stop pretending to be a hero? Back the fuck up. He’s not pretending. He is a hero. You clearly haven’t seen all the footage, Steve-o, because this right here? Yeah. You know there are cameras. Even without everything that happened, it’s still a grand prix, and Tony Fucking Stark is driving in it. There are cameras. People see this. It’s on tape, Tony taking on this psychopath who just cut through cars and blew them up without his armor. Because you know what? The Iron Man armor doesn’t make Tony a hero. Iron Man is just a bunch of metal. The real hero is guy inside the armor, putting his life on the line to save other people. And even at his absolute most vulnerable, dying, without his suit, he’s still willing to step up and be a hero. Iron Man isn’t the superhero, Tony Stark is.


    This and this. Tony Stark is a fucking hero, and has been since the moment he decided that he was not going to let a bunch of assholes in a cave in Afghanistan turn him into their weapon.

    He does this in the 3rd movie, too, it’s worth noting — when he’s in Rose Hill, Tennessee, and that Extremis-enhanced bitch shows up, Tony grabs her attention and fucking holds on to it, goes out of his way to keep her attention on him and away from everyone else. And in that scene, there isn’t any Iron Man armor available to him. At all. His suit is broken, it’s not coming.

    I totally understand why some MCU fans don’t like Tony very much. He’s abrasive and a bit self-absorbed and a lot self-destructive and sometimes he makes the stupidest decisions ever. I happen to like that about him, that his heroism is precariously balanced against a pile of character flaws, because it reminds me that heroism isn’t about being perfect or getting things right all the time, it’s about caring about other people more than yourself, and it’s about getting up and trying even if you think it’s hopeless, and it’s about continuing to try even after you’ve failed. Tony is my favorite MCU character, hands-down, but I do actually get it, if you don’t like him very much. I understand that.

    But if you ever try to suggest to me that he’s not actually a hero, then I will cut you.

    (…from my follows.)

    Also, about Cap’s ‘I’ve seen the footage’ line- there was probably a very good reason for SHIELD (especially a HYDRA controlled SHIELD) to not want Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark Not Advised on the team. They probably DIDN’T show Steve anything that was truly flattering to Tony, probably capitalized on his IM2 intentional (you will never convince me it wasn’t) trainwreck, and made a point to bring up every Assclown comment with a heavy dose of Merchant of Death, and starlet expose they could get their hands on.

    Fury using Coulson’s “death” that way was probably SO far out from what Hydra had planned it wasn’t even on the same plane of existence, and having Captain America excise Iron Man from the Avengers would’ve put the oldest, “truest” superhero at direct odds with the most visible and relatable “modern” hero. It would’ve removed a historically “loose cannon” from play, making taking out another Stark (remember CA:TWS, people) much easier should he happen across anything his father might have left behind.


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    kirusan01 asked: So I've been thinking. Now that the secrets are out and everyone is finding out what they were missing, what about Tony? I mean "Mr. Futurist should know everything", right? So what is the secret that Tony's going to find out? Are they going to tie Arno in? Or is it possible that Tony is going to remember everything when he deleted him brain? Thoughts



    OH GOD

    if Tony regained his memories of civil war… and he remember the image of Steve towering over him with his hield ready to chop him off, to truly kill him…

    i vaguely know comics so i don’t know how tying Arno in will fix the trouble happening right now. if Arno replaces Tony in Avengers, i will… well, i will eat my own foot :/

    but seriously i hope they will tell us who Tony’s real parents is before our beloved engineer got blown up/killed. when you think you know your fav character enough, absurd plot twist slip into the chance and that’s what i’m feeling right now with 616 Tony!

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Tony is very much not having a good day.
I mean, he didn’t get his morning coffee, someone trashed the microwave, the newest Iron Man is now scrap, oh, and yeah. He’s currently sort of kidnapped.


    Tony is very much not having a good day.

    I mean, he didn’t get his morning coffee, someone trashed the microwave, the newest Iron Man is now scrap, oh, and yeah. He’s currently sort of kidnapped.



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    Iron ManAt a distance {P.1}

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