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    No. No I do not want to draw you Dean. Your hair’s a bitch and it never cooperates. Plus, your profile hates me and thinks I’m straight.

    — 2 years ago
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    Supernatural is kinda like a gateway drug. To awesome.

    I mean, come on. You have demons. Lots and lots of demons. There’s hot demons, conniving demons, ugly demons, ‘friendly’ demons, sexy demons, trixy demon. You have The Plot To Take Over the World, starring one High Demon and His Majesty Lucifer, through infection of babies with demon blood (or fallen angel, if you want to look at it that way).

    You have Daddy issues, through two sets of brothers. Daddy issues that involve delicious things like angst and manpain and more angsting while Putting On a Brave Face which inevitably leads to-

    All the Self Sacrificing, All the Time. Which is seriously almost a cliche with these boys. Honestly, they’re not happy unless somebody is giving their life up for family. (Really, these guys die more than the heroine in a series of Buffy.)

    There’s all the betrayal. Again, a serial occurrence. Like, every single one.

    Then, we add angels to the mix. Angels? Seriously? Like this needs to get any more awesome. But it does and our first interaction with an angel who’s not pretending involves lines like ‘I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition’. If our fannish hearts weren’t satisfied by the liberal application of Rule 34 re: Winchester familial relationships, that line right there would fix it all better.

    Oh, and we must not forget the time travel. Very awesome time travel, by which we get a Meet the Parents. (I’m just saying, it’s too bad that Dean/Sam didn’t drag his angel along asking ‘look what followed me home! Can I keep him?’)

    We get to the end of series 5, where we’re all sure that everything is going to be the shits, and hey- we’re right, they pull a Hamlet and everyone dies. For about five seconds. We get assbutt jokes, and exploding!Cas proves to be a far more fun game than that one with the exploding cards in the universe with the 14 Year Old Girl Evil Overlord set on Avada Kedavraing the guy who broke his heart.

    And then everyone comes back (new and improved, even) and nothing hurts.

    Until they give us a soulless guy wandering around wearing our lovers a familiar face and torturing the shit out of things. But it’s okay, because Dean gets turned into something else ( :D) and the scary-mofo face sets many a loins aflame.

    Mustn’t forget the gratuitous pop/rock culture references and the music that we all headbang (don’t deny it, I see you every Thursday/Friday with your hair going everywhere, right next to me) to like its the end of days.

    Which is is. Again.

    Did we mention the Apocalypse, and ‘last night on Earth’ is a valid means of gaining sex in our fandom? Luckily, we have an expert prepared to help you through the fact that you’re aiming to misbehave in life threatening ways by making sure you Don’t Die a Virgin. Even if he has to make sure himself.

    We have soulmates.

    We have profound-bondmates.

    We have sexy, sexy accents for the other 363 ‘mates’ in the year, and although about half are sarcastic, we get a snarky King of Hell to deliver them, and he’s fucking our resident demonologist awesome, so who gives two shits?

    Trucker caps, leather jackets, jeans, work boots and flannel never go out of style here and fit in very well, in fact, with suits and ties and trenchcoats. Dressing up as a priest is a special event and is by invite only, but don’t worry. We have extra cards.

    We have magic swords, we have dragons, we have vampires, parallel worlds, doppelgangers, locked-room mysteries, tricksters, Japanese references, witches, werewolves, ghosts, local legends, spells, aliens, hot cars, gay references, bondage and much more.

    Sometimes, I think that I might die if I had to watch SPN all day, every day. Those times number three, and coincide with finals weeks. (I think I’m forgiven.)

    — 2 years ago
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It kind of scares me how sure I am that I’d actually do this if I had any kind of evidence that the supernatural exists.
Not. even. kidding.




    It kind of scares me how sure I am that I’d actually do this if I had any kind of evidence that the supernatural exists.

    Not. even. kidding.

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    The video that every Dean/Cas shipper needs to see, even if it leads to hours of crying and depression.

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