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    A joke drabble would have been hilarious. Because Bucky TOTALLY would remove his arm to do this thing. He would have. Especially after Darcy showed him Toy Story.
    Tony was twisted uncomfortably to get to the part of the car, and when he stretched his hand out for the replacement he was… shy a few inches.
    Dum-E was getting some upgrades done. You and Butterfingers were helping Bucky with his arm, simple upkeep they were capable of doing. Steve was napping on the couch after a long mission, Tony didn’t want to wake him.
    He stretched farther and almost fell and smacked his head on something. Okay then. Not going to read it.
    "Bucky. Give me a hand," he called, wiggling his fingers pointedly towards the tool.
    A moment, then something clattered to the floor nearby. Frowning, Tony twisted his neck and…
    Are you kidding me?!
    Bucky laughed hard enough to wake up Steve, who looked between them, caught sight of the metal arm on the floor and raised his brows. “I don’t want to know,” he muttered, shifting to get comfortable and closing his eyes again. “You two, I fucking swear…”
    "I’m gonna kill Darcy if this becomes a thing," Tony warned.
    "Nah you won’t," Bucky chuckled, coming over and grabbing his arm off the ground. He set it on the backseat of the car, grabbed the replcement part Tony needed, and passed it to him. He sat down on the floor near Tony, picking his arm up and starting to reattach it. "You like her too much. Plus Nat and Clint and Phil would have to kill you, which means Steve and I would have to kill them. Which means the world would depend on the Fantastic Four."
    "Fucking Richards," Tony said instantly.
    "I still don’t get why…"
    "Trust me," Steve said from where he was still sitting with his eyes shut on the couch. His lips twitched. "You don’t wanna know."
    "Just don’t with the Toy Story jokes, Buzz Lightyear," he muttered. "Then we won’t have to be at fault for the world burning."
    Bucky chuckled, smiling slightly as he tested to make sure his arm was good, then reached out to steady Tony. Tony shot him a smile of thanks and finally got to use both hands to hold the part in place and secure it.
    Give me a hand, he was never saying that again, he was surrounded by a bunch of dorks…
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    mcu meme -  6/7 relationships;  peggy carter and steve rogers.

    You know, I still don’t know how to dance.

    I’ll show you how. Just be there.

    We’ll have the band play something slow. I’d hate to step on your—-

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    kilelele asked: But can you imagine Professor X visiting SHIELD and then, amidst all these voices thinking about work and and files and se, there's this one voice that goes 'I wonder if I could make one of the surrounding buildings if I jumped from the roof of the triskelion and had a running start. probably not. ok what if i had a motorcycle start. what if i rode my motorcyle and then JUMPED OFF IT IN MIDAIR' and charles peeks in and steve is in a meeting, standing rimrod straight, looking super serious



    oh my fucking god

    The next time he comes in Steve’s thoughts veer off into the first few lines of Starspangled Man With A Plan, which is immediately followed by an impressive string of swears because HE KEEPS THINKING HE’S GOT THE FUCKING SONG OUT OF HIS HEAD AND THEN IT JUST CREEPS BACK UP ON HIM WHAT THE FUCK. Trying to dislodge it, he starts reciting some modern pop song about milkshakes and boys in your yard

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    bucky snapchatting pictures of steve sleeping with it tagged “good morning america”

    why isnt there art of this



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    It is commonly believed that Steve cannot lie. Much like Washington, he has this weird reputation for being totally honest all the time.

    Like with Washington, this is a total myth.

    Steve is actually a very good liar, provided he knows he’s going to lie and has his lie down before he tells it.

    No one knows Steve’s ability to lie better than Bucky, though there was a time when he was as blissfully unaware as everyone else. There was a time when Steve was able to successfully hide health issues and emotional problems, insecurities and fears. That ability shattered the day Bucky came home to him collapsed on the floor, barely able to breathe and utterly incoherent from fever.

    there was a moment where bucky thought steve was dead and he never forgave steve for that

    After that, Bucky was more aware. He was able to figure out Steve’s tells, or just know when things didn’t add up. He knew when Steve needed him to wrap an arm around his shoulder and when Steve needed him to stay home. Steve never stopped lying, but Bucky lied too. Now they were on even ground, since Steve was rarely fooled. There were days where Steve felt worthless, pointless, like a burden. Those were the days where Bucky held him close and ran his fingers through Steve’s hair and talked about all the ways Steve was good and how much better Bucky’s life was because of him, until Steve was sobbing into Bucky’s shoulder but they were good tears.

    Years later, Steve is still lying. Nat says he’s not a good liar, but that’s not true. He’s lied successfully for ages, pretending that he was okay. Sam was the first to see through it. Nat saw that he was lonely, but not that he woke up screaming more often than not. Not that he still dreamed about Bucky falling, or about being so cold he couldn’t move. Not that the better nightmares were the ones where he jumped off and followed Bucky into oblivion.

    Bucky’s there, but he’s not Bucky anymore. Not really. Bucky wasn’t that quiet, or that serious. Bucky didn’t keep so much distance from everyone. Bucky didn’t look at Steve like Steve was a stranger.

    It hurts to look at Bucky these days. Things pile up. Ugly missions that stick with him. Failures he can’t forgive himself for. Smile. Keep calm and carry on, as the queen used to say.

    One night, after a mission, he’s sitting quietly in his living room. It’s something he does, and it never helps. Usually it just ends with him feeling utterly worthless, because thinking turns into an ugly cycle of guilt.

    Bucky is too quiet. Steve doesn’t even realize he’s in the room until he sits down next to Steve on the couch.

    "I’m fine." Steve says automatically, because he’s been saying it to almost everyone since they got back from Moscow. Bucky’s expression doesn’t change, it’s a blank mask. Maybe his eyes narrow just a little, but Steve looks away. "I’m fine." He says again.

    Bucky reaches out slowly, like he’s not sure of what he’s doing or thinks Steve will want him to stop. Steve’s too startled to protest as Bucky starts running his fingers through Steve’s hair.

    "I’m fine." Steve protests weakly. Bucky keeps up his movements, and they’re so careful and gentle that they break Steve’s heart. Bucky doesn’t say anything, and Steve doesn’t think his expression, or lack thereof, changes.

    "I’m not going to be fine if you keep this up." Steve tries to joke, but it’s more broken than he means it to be. Bucky pauses, and for a second, Steve’s sorry he said anything because it was so nice to be fussed over, even that little tiny bit.

    Then Bucky’s fingers start carding through his hair again, and Bucky seems a bit more confident in that movement.

    "It’s okay," he says, very quietly. "To not be fine." 

    Steve finds himself curled up in Bucky’s lap, sobbing, his arms wrapped around him with Bucky still petting his hair. He feels stupid, but also lighter, better. Bucky could always tell when he was lying.


    you actually wrote it i’m crying rn

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I will not make a ‘Captain Rogers’ Neighborhood’ joke. I will not make a ‘Captain Rogers’ Neighborhood’ joke.  I will not make a ‘Captain Rogers’ Neighborhood’ joke.  

I know it’s a bit gauche to self-rec but this really brings to mind my story Rogers’ Neighborhood. Seeing this pic, I now think that Steve dresses like this for all TV interviews as a quiet homage to his cousin. *sniffles*



    I will not make a ‘Captain Rogers’ Neighborhood’ joke.
    I will not make a ‘Captain Rogers’ Neighborhood’ joke.  
    I will not make a ‘Captain Rogers’ Neighborhood’ joke.  

    I know it’s a bit gauche to self-rec but this really brings to mind my story Rogers’ Neighborhood. Seeing this pic, I now think that Steve dresses like this for all TV interviews as a quiet homage to his cousin. *sniffles*

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come on caps i know my uniform is pimp as fuck but you guys don’t have to be jealous

    come on caps i know my uniform is pimp as fuck but you guys don’t have to be jealous

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    'a fuckin grende rogers are you shittin me right now'

    based on this

    caffeine fueled morning doodles lets do this

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    I profusely apologize to everyone

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