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  • I wonder if sometimes Misha Collins is asleep in his bed, dreaming about some sort of magical forest with unicorns and shit and in this dream he’s riding his unicorn over a rainbow
  • when suddenly the skies darken and the unicorn starts to get antsy
  • and across the valleys Misha can hear an echoing laugh
  • his eyes go wide and the ground starts to tremble and he turns to his unicorn and shouts ‘Ride, Sprinkles! Show them the meaning of haste!’
  • But the faster Sprinkles rides the farther away from the magical forest Misha gets, and the closer the thundering steps get until he’s cornered against the cliffs and he turns back around for the first time to see a camera crew and a director and they’re all looking at him and the director leans forward and whispers “Don’t fuck up, Misha”
  • And Misha looks down and realizes there’s a script in his hands. 
  • “Don’t fuck up, Misha.”
  • And the heavy steps are getting closer and Misha starts to panic and he’s trying to read his lines but he keeps stammering 
  • and then he looks up again
  • and Jared’s there 
  • and he’s giggling
  • And then Misha wakes up screaming

(Source: theoldcapn, via heathyr)