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    Salad dressing. They’re selling salad dressing.

    does he come with it

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    so in iron man 2

    a little boy in an iron man helmet tries to shoot one of the rampaging suits with his lil toy flight stabilizers

    in spider-man 2

    a little boy puts on his spiderman suit and stands up against the rhino

    that’s great for all the little boys in the theater, but you know what I want?

    i want a little girl to help the heroes

    i want a six-year old redhead to kick nat’s gun to her

    i want a twelve-year old with braces and a lisp to shake cap back to consciousness

    i want a nine-year old latina girl to take clint by the hand and walk him down unfamiliar streets back to the main fight

    i want a sixteen-year old black girl to kick an enemy in the back of the knees to save sam wilson

    because girls are sitting in that audience too

    and they deserve to see that

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    the winter soldier + photoshop.

    (inspired by x)

    Eraser tool.
    You clever fucker.
    Shoot me.

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kevinmchale Happy World Cup 4th of July! #borabrasil #BRAvCOL

    kevinmchale Happy World Cup 4th of July! #borabrasil #BRAvCOL

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    cat owner:hears noise from the next room over
    cat owner:i don't know what you're doing, but i know that you should stop
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(its too early shut up)

    (its too early shut up)

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    Support your fan fiction authors. Review what you read.


    And make it constructive, not endless criticism written in text speak.

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    Science Bros. I love them so much. I like to think when they drove off together at the end of the Avengers that they went off to the Stark R&D lab and started gleefully blowing stuff up.

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    July 2nd.

    182nd day of the year.

    It’s 12pm.

    Congratulations you’ve officially wasted half a year.

    I finally understand what Blink-182 means.


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    "In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then...
    she shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not
    to think of her as a god. And how fortunate we all
    are that it does not occur to her."

    NEW WORLDS (2015)
    Following the arrival of an alien with near-limitless power, Bruce Wayne begins exploring potential countermeasures and contingency plans should the alien turn out to be less benign than originally believed. The military can offer as many platitudes as they like, she’s never been one to underestimate the benefits of being paranoid.

    What she isn’t prepared for is coming face-to-face with a being capable of more humility and humanity than most humans themselves, and finding a kindred spirit in this stranger from another world. What begins as a tenuous alliance, based in the exacting of justice the world over, gradually becomes something much more poignant.


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    *loses a follower*

    *checks to see if important mutuals are still following*

    [as long as my bitches love me plays in the background]

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